Frequently Asked Questions

What does your nutritional supplement cost?

We offer a broad range of products that are each custom formulated to fit your needs. The cost of your supplement depends on the specific requirements of your livestock, the feeds you have available, and the methods you are using to deliver the feed.


How do I feed your nutritional supplements?

There are many ways to feed our product lines. The two most popular methods are mixing the supplement with the other feeds you have available as a part of a total mixed ration (TMR), or using a feeder to offer the supplement in a self-fed or free-choice manner.


Do I have to provide my own equipment?

As a service to our customers, PerforMix works with producers to provide the necessary equipment for each situation.


How do I take delivery of the product?

We deliver to our customers using our own fleet of trucks that have a variety of trailer styles and load size capabilities. When the sight gauge on your tank shows that you are at the re-order point, call our toll free number, place your order, and our customer service staff will schedule the delivery of your product.

Optionally, you can have PerforMix use our custom inventory tracking system to schedule your reorders. Our customer service staff uses a proprietary software system to track your inventory. Our field staff checks the level of your sight gauge to verify usage, thereby allowing us to alert you when you are getting low and schedule a load for you.


How do I know I am getting a good value from your supplement?

Your feed consultant will review your feed stuffs against your livestock’s needs and custom build a supplement that will maximize your animal’s performance. Upon request, your feed consultant can provide a least cost ration or a fully balanced ration to focus your operations unique cost vs value equation. 

Upon request, your feed consultant can provide the least cost ration or a fully balanced ration to focus your operations unique cost vs value equation. Additionally, we also have several standard formulas available that provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed by most producers.


What are your quality assurance programs?

PerforMix Nutrition Systems is FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food certified.

This is a voluntary program that is 3rd party audited. It provides the framework for our facilities to meet or exceed all regulatory mandates and ensures the necessary foundation of our quality control processes. Rest assured that we have critically looked at all aspects of our operation, identifying hazards, eliminating waste, honing our processes to ensure our customer with the safest, and most innovative custom mineral packages on the market today.

The combination of these efforts, along with our superior people, our first-class service, and our commitment to our customers, ensures that when you use a PerforMix supplement, you are getting the best value in the feed industry.


How do you control consumption of the self-fed products?

We use a proprietary formulation for our self-fed products to achieve a supplement that is palatable enough that naive cattle will identify it as food and consume it for the first time. At the same time, the formulation is not so palatable that conditioned cattle will over consume the supplement. We use a variety of ingredients that supply nutrients with variable palatability characteristics to accomplish this. We spend a significant amount of time formulating a product that will work over a range of situations, and we test the products at the beginning of each supplement season to make sure that the formulation for that year will perform to your expectations.


What causes over consumption of self-fed products?

When overconsumption occurs, it is often related to several environmental factors including lack of forage, lack of water, winter temperatures and conditions such as snow cover, placement of the feeders, presence or absence of supplemental salt, number of feeders, number of cattle, class and age of cattle, previous exposure to supplements, and many other factors. One misconception is that ruminant animals, such as cattle, need to consume protein supplements every day in order to utilize them effectively.

Much research has been done on this topic, and it has been shown that infrequent supplementation can be very similar to daily supplementation. While the bulk of the research has been done in the Midwest, recently Oregon State University has conducted research on this topic with Pacific Northwest forages.

If your cattle are over consuming supplement, you can control intake by providing only enough supplement for a specified number of days and not adding any more until the end of that period. If the cattle go for several days without supplement, they will efficiently conserve protein during those days and will perform as well as if they had supplement every day. This puts you in control of their intake, not the other way around.

Not sure what supplement is best for your program? 

Schedule a consultation or nutritional analysis or speak to a representative about other support issues.