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Quality Control

We always focus on our customer's experience, starting with a personal consultant designing a mineral package to combat unique operational challenges. 

Our choices are always solution driven whether purchasing raw ingredients or establishing a feed delivery system for our customer.

We have created a food safety program deliberately built around our company’s focus on product quality and critically look at all aspects of our operation.

We identify hazards, eliminate waste, and hone our processes to ensure we provide the safest, most innovative custom mineral packages on the market today.

PerforMix Livestock Supplements are manufactured at establishments that hold valid certifications under the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.



Every ingredient received, and every product produced is subjected to rigorous quality review.

Nutrients are benchmarked against AAFCO to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Each facility adheres to stringent manufacturing policies and procedures.

PerforMix voluntarily subjects itself to regular 3rd party audits of our Safe Feed Safe Food certification. 

Nutritional Analysis

The first step in creating a custom supplement is discovering what you're missing from your forages. 
Learn more about our Nutritional Analysis services.



Our customers deserve the best results when using PerforMix feed supplements, which means they not only need the best products, and services, but also the best means of applying it.

Our Customer Equipment Service Team will provide you with our specially engineered application equipment and carefully maintain it for you. You will appreciate the ease, convenience, and accuracy of this state-of-the-art nutrient delivery system.



We maintain an extensive fleet of modern semi-tractors with a variety of trailer configurations that allow flexibility in delivery.

Our Transportation Logistics Team works hard to ensure that you have the right product in the right tank at the right time, always delivered by a safe and courteous driver. Our fleet of drivers plays a crucial rule in assisting your success by maintaining the equipment so that it is always in top condition to efficiently deliver the product.

They also monitor tank levels to assist our customer service department with the forecast of the delivery of your next load.


Inventory Management

Our custom tracking software enables us to monitor your inventory so that you do not have to. By evaluating site gauge readings, we can accurately predict when you will need another load and we will schedule delivery for you.

This service allows us to follow weekly usage and notify you of any unexpected changes. Ask your PerforMix Nutrition Systems consultant if this service is right for you.



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